We build foundations for companies by helping them to articulate the essence of who they are.
For some, we start with the basics. We interview employees and customers then develop brand pillars that evolve into elevators pitches and full-fledged campaigns. In other cases, we collaborate with sales teams to write and design presentations. And when it's time to capture eyes and ears with snappy ad copy that resonates, we do that too.

Advertising Copy

It was time for National Flooring Equipment to rework its old-school image.
In addition to retooling their brand assets, we also gave them a new attitude that grabbed the attention of their end users while calling out their competitive advantages—customer service, range of products, and quality.

Product Descriptions

Zen Pet Supplies wanted to break the run-of-the-mill image of most online pet suppliers.
They wanted their vibrant and occasionally irreverent personalities to shine brightly, they wanted to entertain, and they wanted a minimum number of words for search engine optimization.  When they told us to let our freak flag fly, we asked, "How high?" Here is one of hundreds of product descriptions Orange Marketing wrote for their new website.

The new K&H Pet Products Thermo Kitty Hut is cooler than Ron Burgundy's bachelor pad. Don't act like you're not impressed. Four magical watts of energy create a comfy climate that mimics your cat's regular body temperature. The larger-than-usual pad will accommodate those who love to lounge or live large, while the soft hood provides cover for hiding or just slow-and-easy mellowing to 1970's light rock. Unlike most bachelor pads, where the plants are dead but there is something growing in the 'fridge, the Kitty Hut comes in timeless color options and is easy to clean. These features, combined with the MET-listed safety approval, will have your cat strutting around as if to say, "I'm kind of a big deal."

Brand Foundations

Pura Vida Fitness & Spa was thinking about its next move.
It was time to put into words the je ne sais quoi that has made them one of the top fitness clubs in the United States. Here is Orange Marketing's approach to defining the member experience for future business partners.

We connect with members in ways that extend far beyond fitness. Club culture holds balance in the highest regard, and we believe that living with laughter and gratitude is just as important as any fitness regime. Pura Vida is a lifestyle supported by classes and professionals that are the most innovative in the industry, a host of nutritional and wellness offerings, and soaring spaces that nourish our members at every level.